Developer Resources

How to get help

For development help, start with the CoCart Community Forum, to see if someone else has already asked the same question. You can also pose your question in the #support channel of the Discord Community. If you’re not sure where to ask your question, you can always contact us and we will be glad to point you in the right direction.

How to use these resources

The resources below are divided into different categories based on what you might use them for when developing with CoCart. Some resources are tools and libraries that streamline the development process. Others are examples and documentation. Use the menu below to jump to a specific section.


Use these resources to help take some of the heavy lifting off of fetching and transforming data.

This is a utility to make WordPress REST API requests. It’s a wrapper around window.fetch that includes support for nonces, middleware, and custom fetch handlers.


Use these recommended plugins to help setup your WooCommerce store for CoCart.

This plugin extends the WordPress REST API with new routes for WordPress registered menus.

Enables support for CORS to allow CoCart to work across multiple domains. Simply install and activate. No configuration required!

Replaces internal link URL domains with that of the decoupled site or app.

Allows tweaking of several REST API settings.

Enhances the cart response returned with additional product details and more.

Allows you to authenticate via a simple JWT Token.


This extension for Visual Studio Code adds CoCart snippets and auto-completion of functions, classes and hooks.

Log all REST API requests and responses. Great for debugging.

A developer tools panel for WordPress. It enables debugging of database queries, PHP errors, hooks and actions, block editor blocks, enqueued scripts and stylesheets, HTTP API calls, and more.

Run bleeding edge versions of CoCart from the GitHub repository. This will replace your installed version of CoCart with the latest tagged pre-release on GitHub – use with caution, and not on production sites. You have been warned.

The most comprehensive plugin for controlling access to the WordPress REST API. Useful to disable routes you are not using.

A developer’s tool that provides a UI to manage your site’s transients. You can view, search, edit, and delete transients at will. Perfect for helping with testing and debugging.


We’ve been there and solved that. These resources are a great starting point for resolving common challenges.

This is an archive of code samples that may help you solve any problems when developing with CoCart.

An example of registering a callback that can be triggered when updating the cart with CoCart.

Community Resources

Use these links to connect with other developers and discover external resources within the CoCart ecosystem.

This is the official CoCart organization on GitHub. Here you’ll find the majority of development work that happens on open source projects we maintain.

This is the official place for reporting bugs in CoCart Plus.

All the resources you need for developing with WordPress. If you’re not familiar with the WordPress development ecosystem, this is a great place to start.

A Discord community for developers, WooCommerce agencies and shop owners building the fastest and best headless stores.

Use this forum to ask questions about CoCart.

Use the Reddit community here to ask questions about CoCart.

Translate CoCart in other languages.