This is the official blog for CoCart development. Here you can keep track of everything that is happening with the plugin, including development decisions and scoping of future versions.

In order to use this blog to its maximum potential, we have to put some guidelines in place. We do not intend to be super strict on these guidelines, but there are a couple things that this blog is not the most suitable platform for, which we want to avoid.

  • This blog is not for support requests. You can post this kind of questions in our public support forum, or in case you are a customer via our Discord community. We will remove or moderate any comments that are plain support requests in order to maintain focus on what it’s really about.
  • Feature requests should be posted via suggest a feature page, unless we explicitly ask for ideas for new features in a post on this blog.
  • Bug reports should be posted in our issue tracker. Our issue tracker has some additional guidelines.