Return totals in cart response formatted

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API Version: 2

With API v2 of CoCart, the totals are not formatted automatically as per users feedback but for some, they wanted to keep it the same as before.

So use this snippet and the totals will be formatted like version 1.

add_filter( 'cocart_cart', 'cocart_totals_html' );
function cocart_totals_html( $cart ) {
	$decimals = wc_get_price_decimals();
	foreach( $cart['totals'] as $total => $value ) {
		$value = substr_replace( $value, '', intval( '-' . $decimals ) );
		$cart['totals'][$total] = html_entity_decode( strip_tags( wc_price( $value ) ) );
	return $cart;

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