Useful Core Functions

These core functions can be useful for customizing or extending the use of CoCart to your needs.

The following useful functions are found in includes/cocart-rest-functions.php


Returns image mime types users are allowed to upload via the API.


cocart_upload_dir( $pathdata )

CoCart upload directory.

 cocart_upload_dir( $pathdata );

cocart_upload_file( $file )

Upload a file.

cocart_upload_file( $file );

cocart_upload_image_from_url( $image_url )

Upload image from URL.

cocart_upload_image_from_url( $image_url );

cocart_set_uploaded_image_as_attachment( $upload, $id = 0 )

Set uploaded image as attachment.

cocart_set_uploaded_image_as_attachment( $upload, $id = 0 );

cocart_price_no_html( $price, $args = array() )

Format the price with a currency symbol without HTML wrappers.

Developer Note: Forked wc_price() function and altered to remove HTML wrappers for the use of the REST API.

cocart_price_no_html( $price, $args = array() );

cocart_add_to_cart_message( $products, $show_qty = false, $return = false )

Add to cart messages.

Developer Note: Forked wc_add_to_cart_message() function and altered to remove HTML context for the use of the REST API returning clean notices once products have been added to cart.

cocart_add_to_cart_message( $products, $show_qty = false, $return = false );

cocart_prepare_money_response( $amount, $decimals = 2, $rounding_mode = PHP_ROUND_HALF_UP )

Convert monetary values from WooCommerce to string based integers, using the smallest unit of a currency.

cocart_prepare_money_response( $amount, $decimals = 2, $rounding_mode = PHP_ROUND_HALF_UP )


Prepares a list of store currency data to return in responses.


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