CoCart 4.2: Release Candidate 2

CoCart 4.2 is coming soon!

This post will highlight changes since the first release candidate in this version of CoCart Core.

Other important information:

  • This release does not include a database change.


  • Backwards compatible
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.6
  • Tested up to WooCommerce 9.0

Hi, folks! While not expecting to release another candidate so close to release day it happens. That’s what they are there for. To test and check everything is working.

Our second release candidate for v4.2 is now available for testing and we are still on schedule for release on Thursday 11th July 2024.

We advise that you disable CoCart Plus before testing the release candidate as it is not compatible. Once testing is completed and is finally released on Thursday 11th July 2024, a patch will be provided for it.

Please know that we are also in the middle of revamping the API reference for a better developer experience and up to date with what CoCart now provides. We look forward to sharing more soon.

What’s new since release candidate 1?

We tested with WordPress 6.6. Nothing in the new release affects the REST API in general. Just more migrations from Gutenberg so you can feel fine about upgrading the core of WordPress.

See previous changes made mentioned in our pre-release post.


In addition to the improvements made in the first release candidate:

  • Only need to override the session table. Parent __construct() is used for everything else default in session handler.
  • Prevent incorrect column used when user logs out.
  • Moved two functions from CoCart Plus to be utilized outside of the core plugin. This change will force users to use CoCart core 4.2 minimum and adds support for Cloudflare.
  • Updated cart schema to show currency_symbols_pos.

Database changes

There are none.

Release Schedule

We’re on track for our planned 11th July 2024 release.

Final Release11th July 2024


If you’d like to dive in and help test this new release, our handy CoCart Beta Tester plugin allows you to switch between beta versions and release candidates.

Found a bug? We want to here about it. Please report any issues you encounter via the GitHub repository.

Looking Ahead: We are already progressing with the next round of improvements. As always, we thank you for your feedback and contributions.

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