CoCart Beta Tester v2.0.0 Release Notes

Providing the community with the ability to test future versions of CoCart Lite and receive feedback from developers has always been what’s made CoCart great.

However, being able to update CoCart Lite to those unstable releases has been only a one way direction with version one.

Today we would like to introduce a new and improved beta tester that gives you, the developer, more control on what build types you can update to and the ability to switch between versions of CoCart Lite.

You can download version 2.0.0 of the CoCart Beta Tester from the GitHub repository.

After activation of the new beta tester, you’ll be able to choose an update channel. Hover over the admin bar in the dashboard that says “CoCart Beta Tester” and click “Channel: Beta”.

Then you will be given the option to select between:

  1. Beta – Update to beta releases, RC, or stable, depending on what is newest.
  2. Release Candidate – Update to RC releases or stable, depending on what is newest.
  3. Stable – No beta updates. Default WordPress behavior.

These will surface pre-releases via automatic updates in WordPress. Updates will replace your installed version of CoCart Lite.

Should you need to role back to a previous version you now can do so.

Select the version you wish to install and press “Switch Version” below.

The version you have installed will be identified on the side of the version tag. Once you have selected the version you want to switch to, a confirmation window will appear.

Confirm and the beta tester will then switch to that selected version.

We hope it helps not only with your developerment with CoCart Lite but to testing new releases of it.

You can find an FAQ on the GitHub repository.