CoCart Lite v2.8.1 Release Notes

Excited to announce that Pantheon, a high performance hosting platform is now supported in CoCart Lite 2.8.1 which is now publicly available! This is a tiny release so everything is backwards compatible with the previous version.

As always, it is recommend to create a backup of your site before updating.

What does it do?

Well because Pantheon is a platform built for speed, it’s cache system caused a problem for guest customers on the frontend making it look like the cart was empty no matter how many items were added to the cart.

Luckily, this was a quick easy fix after talking to their customer service.

All that was required was to change the cookie name using the available filter in CoCart to a new formatting that Pantheon reorganizes to prevent the session cookie from caching.

And after trying them out, I can say that I recommend using Pantheon for speedy performance to run your store no matter how large.

Database changes

This release does not introduce any changes to the database.


This release does not introduce any changes to the documentation.