CoCart Lite v2.8.2 Release Notes

Excited to announce that CoCart Lite 2.8.2 is now publicly available! This is a minor release so everything is backwards compatible with the previous version.

As always, it is recommend to create a backup of your site before updating.

What’s new in CoCart v2.8.2?

Two things have been done to improve the loading of a cart from session via the web. Load the chosen shipping method and cart fees.

In addition to this minor release, a request was made to be able to filter the parameter name cocart-load-cart, used for loading the cart from session via the web to provide more white labelling for their client.

You can find an example for this filter under “White Labelling”.

Database changes

This release does not introduce any changes to the database.


All examples provided for setting a cart key have been corrected. Due to an over look on my part, I mistakenly documented the cart_key parameter as a standard data parameter and not a global parameter that requires to be queried.

Not many developers who had issues with this, saw the error and corrected this in their development but not reported the error to me.

Others had tried to report the error but did not make it clear to me as to what was wrong and moved on. Now after several releases and finally getting someone to report clearly what was wrong, I was able to correct it.

I apologise for the mistake and hope you try again with the new examples provided. I have also added a warning notice in the documentation to remind you that it is not to be passed as a data parameter.