CoCart Lite v2.8.3 Release Notes

Excited to announce that CoCart Lite 2.8.3 is now publicly available! This is a minor release so everything is backwards compatible with the previous version.

As always, it is recommend to create a backup of your site before updating.

What’s new in CoCart v2.8.3?

This is the last minor update for CoCart v2 or at least for this year I think.

What’s new is that multi-site networks now properly engage with the site admin once the plugin is activated on the network.

A few tweaks have been made so we don’t add the version of the plugin per site. All admin notices now show via the network admin and if you are new to CoCart, you are redirected to the getting started page in the network admin upon first activation.

Before network sites would only see “Plugin activated” which makes the site admin feel left out.

A couple of fixes were also made.

Headers were already sent when filtering rest_pre_serve_request. This appeared to only cause issues when you have WP_DEBUG enabled when using CoCart locally.

And finally, a few errors were not returning the status error in the correct format.

That is it. I hope you are doing well and have a good x-mas. ?

Database changes

This release does not introduce any changes to the database.


This release does not introduce any changes to the documentation.