CoCart Lite v2.8 Release Notes

Excited to announce that CoCart Lite 2.8 is now publicly available! This is a minor release so everything is backwards compatible with the previous version.

As always, it is recommend to create a backup of your site before updating.

What’s new in CoCart v2.8?

Only one small enhancement was made for the load cart from session for the web feature and that is to load the chosen shipping method.


As always there will be releases that add compatibility for changes made in WooCommerce. This time being mainly with WooCommerce v4.8 and WooCommerce Admin v1.7

Minimum requirement changes

These are the new minimum requirements in order to run CoCart. This ensures that new features added to CoCart work with these minimum requirements and the latest WordPress and WooCommerce releases error free.

  • WordPress now needs to be v5.3 minimum.
  • WooCommerce now needs to be v4.3 minimum.

Support for CoCart Lite will not be provided for sites running any lower than these minimum requirements.

In the future the minimum requirement for PHP will be bumped from 7.0 to 7.3

PHP 8 was released last week and so far there has been no issues reported which is great and works really fast which is what you need for a REST API.

Database changes

This release does not introduce any changes to the database.


This release does not introduce any changes to the documentation.