CoCart Lite v2.9.1 Release Notes

Excited to announce that CoCart Lite 2.9.1 is now publicly available! This is a minor release so everything is backwards compatible with the previous version.

As always, it is recommend to create a backup of your site before updating.

What’s new in CoCart v2.9.1?

This release fixes a problem with merging cart contents together. It’s a feature that WooCommerce provides in the core and one that was not working out of the box with CoCart.

What is this feature for? Well it’s simple. The feature is triggered when a customer logs in but started as a guest. They already added items to the cart but also have items added to the cart as a registered customer.

So for any items that are not already in the cart, they are merged together. Now you only have one cart of all the items you added. This will then destroy the guest cart as it is no longer needed.

Pretty cool. ?

In addition to this fix. A change has been made to further enhance the API for headless development. The cookie that stores the cart information now adds the samesite attribute to None. This article explains more about SameSite Cookie Attribute.

To help with those who wish to change the default attribute value, a new filter cocart_cookie_samesite has been introduced to allow you to override it. Before this attribute was added the default value was lax after 20th February 2020 if the attribute is not applied.

This cookie change is only available for those who use PHP 7.3 or above and will be the minimum requirement for CoCart v3 once it is released so I recommend that you update to PHP 7.3 or higher soon.

Why was this cookie attribute added so late? To be honest it just got forgotten about due to Covid-19, personal health and working on other improvements for CoCart. I only just recently got reminded about it. ?

If you have tips or feature requests to help CoCart improve for your development then please send me feedback or make a enhancement request via the GitHub repository where I can manage things better.

I like to thank Joel for this release who spent a little of his weekend helping me to get this done.

Database changes

This release does not introduce any changes to the database.


This release does not introduce any changes to the documentation.