CoCart Lite v3.3 Release Notes

A new version of CoCart has been released! Version 3.3.0 is now available for download from GitHub and

If you have any questions about this release, please post them in the comments below.

What’s New in CoCart v3.3

  • Enhancement: Appends the cart query (Load Cart from Session) to the checkout URL so when a user proceeds to the native checkout page from the native cart, it forces to load that same cart. – Guest Customers ONLY

This was added due to some circumstances the cart failed to load then after on the checkout page via normal means.


All custom headers introduced by CoCart with X- prefixes (no longer a recommended practice) now have a replacement. Please use the new headers listed below instead.

📢 All current X- prefixed headers will be removed in a future release of CoCart.

Previous HeaderNew Header

For Developers

  • Introduced new filter cocart_use_cookie_monster to prevent destroying a previous guest cart and cookie before loading a new one via Load Cart from Session. Thanks to Alberto Abruzzo for contributing further feedback.

Dev Note

Helps should you find the web browser is displaying the “Cookie was rejected because it is already expired.” message in the console log and the cart did not load again on refresh despite the session still being valid.

Database changes

This release does not introduce any changes to the database.