CoCart Needs You

CoCart now needs your help more than ever for the next major update v3. Your feedback has been great but for the next API I want to take it a step further and request your participation in it’s development.

CoCart is designed for developers and for v2 of the API, it needs to be developed by those developers who use CoCart.

Originally, my plan for CoCart v3 was to introduce a major re-write of the cart system that the current API relies on. However, that was because at the time I was figuring out on how to support guest customers with the default WooCommerce session handler.

Now that problem has been solved without the need of a major re-write, we can move on to the actual responses developers require.

The most requested to improve CoCart was additional information returned for the cart and for certain fields to be formatted a certain way. Well now is your chance to actually add those details yourself so the cart returns what you need out of the box without the need to use filters.

That doesn’t mean that filters are being removed. There will always be something unique that a developer will require that is not for all.

So what can I add?

The new API is not to focus on adding new core features but to add support where needed and to format data the right way that is compatible for all frameworks without the need to re-format the data again after you get the response.

How do I get involved?

It’s actually fairly easy. All that you require is a GitHub account, fork the CoCart repository and contribute to the v3.0.0 branch with your pull request.

An enhanced issue must be made before hand explaining in detail what it does and why it should be added.

There are also issues already created that may need a PR so if I have not started on those your are welcome to go ahead and try working on one yourself.

I will then review and possible respond with a comment before deciding to merge it. If your PR gets approved, send me your username and I will add you as a contributor when v3 is released.

That’s it. That simple.

So test out what the new API has so far and get coding.

FYI, the changelog will provide some documentation as to what is new.

If you have any questions. Leave it in the comments section and I will get back to you asap.