CoCart Plus v1.2.0 Released

What’s New?

  • Added: Force check on the WordPress updates page is now supported to clear transient data for plugin updates.
  • Added: Plugins page will now warn users if their license is expired.
  • Added: Updates page will now warn users if their license is expired or deactivated.
  • Added: A site lock key so we can determine if we moved the site and require reactivating for updates.
  • Improved: Detection of a staging or local site when activating license.
  • Improved: Activating license without domain protocol from site URL to allow licenses to remain active should a site switch to HTTPS.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: CRITICAL Uncaught Error: Non-static method CoCart_Plus_Totals_Controller::get_totals() cannot be called statically.
  • Fixed: Plugin information not returning if license does exist.

Actions and Filters

Just one filter was renamed. No hook changes.

Renamed so the updates page has it’s own capability.

Database Changes

Renamed the option name for storing the license key details.


What is a site lock key?

The site lock key is what is used to identify the site the plugin was activated on. If the site lock key no longer matches the site the plugin is activated on it will inform the user on the updates page that they need to reactivate their license in order to keep receiving plugin updates.