CoCart Plus v1.4 Released: Rate Limiting Now Supported

CoCart Plus 1.4.0 has been released!

This post will highlight what’s included in this version of CoCart Plus.

Please note: It is important that you activate your license to receive auto-updates.


  • Backwards compatible
  • Requires CoCart core 4.0

Hi, folks! This release fixes a bug reported to a correction made in the core of CoCart in v4.0 but what’s more important is that a new important feature has been added.

Rate Limiting. Yeah! Follow along the guide to find out how to enable it.


What’s New?

  • REST API: Added rate limiter. More extensive information can be found on the Rate Limit Guide along with a test guide.

Bug Fixes

  • REST API: Coupon endpoint had changed if CoCart v4.0 is installed due to not enforcing a rest base.
  • REST API: Error statuses are adjusted to better suit the responses.

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