CoCart Lite v2.1.2 Release Candidate 5

Final release candidate for v2.1.2 introducing support to prevent caching CoCart if you have WP REST API Cache plugin installed.

Testing has been going well so I am confident to release on the 4th June, 2020


* NEW: Prevent CoCart from being cached with [WP REST API Cache plugin](
* Tweaked: Check if product exists first before validating further.
* Tweaked: `cocart_update_cart_validation` filter passes `$current_data` fully.
* Tweaked: If validation for adding or updating item returned an error return error response.
* Dev: Added schema for cart route.
* Dev: Added schema for adding item route.
* Dev: Passed `$product_type` for `cocart_add_cart_item_data` filter.

If you discover any bugs during the testing process, please let me know by logging a report in GitHub.

Look forward to your feedback.

Thank you.