CoCart Lite v2.2.0 is now available!

June has been a busy month both in the world and development for CoCart.

Finally got guest customers supported and 5 small releases that provided fixes along the way that ensured 100% compatibility with WooCommerce’s latest release and conflicts found on the frontend.

I now have one WooCommerce extension officially supporting CoCart and another on the way.

Feedback again has been tremendous and your constant support towards me so that I am able to provide you what I need has been a great help. ?

It’s especially nice to see customers donating more for the constant updates I have been giving. If you like to give, you can support me by buying me a coffee or simply purchase CoCart Pro while it is on sale until the end of June.

Today I have released v2.2.0 which is a minor release (which means everything is backward compatible with the previous version) that adds support for CORS headers should you need them set and a few tweaks to the plugin just to make it a little bit better.

As always, I recommend creating a backup of your site before updating.



  • NEW: Support for allowing all cross origin header requests to pass. Requires cocart_disable_all_cors filter set to false to enable.
  • NEW: Returned response after adding an item now returns product name, title and price just like the cart.
  • Tweaked: Improved validation for a variable product to return the product name correctly if variation attributes are missing.
  • Tweaked: Made sure that we check if we are making a request for CoCart API only.
  • Tweaked: CoCart logger will only log if WP_DEBUG is also set true.
  • Dev: New filters added for returning additional item data once added to cart.