CoCart Lite v3.0.0 Beta 4

I’m excited to announce that CoCart v3 Beta 4 is now available for beta testing! You can either download it directly from GitHub or install the CoCart Beta Tester plugin.

CoCart v3 is just around the corner so any remaining feedback you provide testing this beta that needs solving before releasing a release candidate is most appreciated.

What’s New since CoCart v3 Beta 3?

  • NEW: Added login route to help with customer flow.
  • NEW: Introduced saving the cart hash in session.
  • NEW: Support for JWT Auth plugin.

Changes since beta 3

  • Improved: Copy for readme.txt
  • Improved: Check cart is completely empty not just the cart contents.
  • Improved: Product title now returns in status when item is removed from cart.
  • Corrected: Redirect to current page when hiding admin notice.
  • Added: Schema for count items API.
  • Added: Option to keep removed items in session when clearing the cart.
  • Deprecated: cocart_return_empty_cart filter.
  • Fixed: Install date value when product review notice loads for the user.
  • Fixed: Validation of variable product.
  • Fixed: Product validation failing before adding to cart to return error response.
  • Fixed: Formatting variation data for custom option.
  • Fixed: Issue with a non-numeric value encountered.
  • Fixed: Session failing returned response if cart is empty.
  • Fixed: Cart source when cart was first created no longer updates.
  • Merged: Changes added in CoCart v2.9.2
  • Moved: Deleting cart API under session API for admins only.
  • Tweaked: Cart response now returns empty only if no cart exists or the cart is completely cleared. This allows for only removed items left in session to be returned to the cart without issues.
  • Dev: Forked get_customer_unique_id() from WooCommerce session handler for backwards compatibility. Introduced to help with unit tests in WooCommerce since version 5.3. Not needed for CoCart but best to have it and not need it than not have it and need it.


If you discover any bugs during the testing process, please let me know by logging a report on the GitHub repository.