CoCart Lite v3.1 Release Candidate 2

I’m excited to announce that CoCart v3.1 Release Candidate 2 is now available for testing! You can either download it directly from GitHub or install the CoCart Beta Tester plugin.

This release has many improvements, enhancements and introduces a few new filters. One of these filters lowers security for loading or accessing a cart that belongs to a registered user.

The reason release candidate 1 did not get a post was because I already got a lot of developers testing and reporting bugs which have now been addressed with this release candidate.

Also after discussing certain areas with the products API with many developers, I was able to improve and provide a more out of the box experience for who are new to CoCart and those currently using it.

I also got a new contributor who improved a feature “Load Cart from Session” which should help a lot with various store setups.

This release also includes all minor patch fixes up to v3.0.12

For a full recap on what’s new in v3.1 see the following previous posts before continuing:

What’s New since CoCart v3.1 Beta 2?

  • Corrected: switch() defaults.
  • Deprecated: Upgrade Warning notice.
  • Fixed: Yoda conditions.
  • Fixed: Undefined constant error.
  • Fixed: prepare_money_response() now has public access.
  • Fixed: Merge requested cart with logged in customers cart.
  • Tweaked: Added default quantity to add_to_cart_rest_url()
  • Tweaked: Variable products return nothing with add_to_cart_rest_url()
  • Enhanced: Load Cart from Session to allow registered customers to merge a guest cart. – Thanks to @ashtarcommunications for contributing.
  • Improved: get_attribute_options() to return value instead of index.
  • Improved: Added price range for variable products.
  • Improved: Check if admin notices are loaded when removing them all.
  • Dev: Introduced new filter cocart_secure_registered_users to disable security check for using a registered users ID as the cart key.
  • Dev: Introduced new filter cocart_variable_empty_price to provide a custom price range for variable products should none exist yet.
    Dev: Introduced new filter cocart_get_price_range to alter the price range for variable products.
  • Dev: Introduced new filter cocart_products_add_to_cart_rest_url for quick easy direct access to POST an item to cart for other product types.
  • Dev: Added more compatibility for next update of CoCart Pro.


Extensive testing and tweaking has been done to ensure CoCart works much better with PHP 8. If you have been wanting to use PHP 8 and CoCart was the only thing holding you back, then you can make the switch once you have 3.1 installed.

Minimum Requirements

WordPress v5.5 is the new required minimum to run CoCart. This is to ensure stability and security.

Database changes

This release does not introduce any changes to the database.


Currently being updated. Check again soon or follow CoCart on Twitter for updates.


If you discover any bugs during the testing process, please let me know by logging a report on the GitHub repository. There I can manage it better and get on the issue asap.