CoCart v3.10 Released

This release is a quality of life update, a few bug fixes and one added security adjustment. Last release for 2023.

If you have any questions about the release, please post them in the comments below.

What’s New?

  • Added WP Playground notice. commit 912ebb2
  • Added new admin support page. commit 2f64980
  • Added new help tab available on any CoCart admin page. commit 9970ce8
  • Filtered the WordPress REST API Index to hide CoCart namespaces and routes unless you have debug enabled. This helps a little with anyone trying to lookup what REST API’s you have outside your store setup. commit 45723d9
  • Updated license.txt commit f6b0acb

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed undefined cart_cached if price change feature not used. commit fb472fc
  • Fixed Authentication failing to identify current user if authentication is not provided. commit f6fb7a4
  • Fixed PHP Deprecated: str_replace(): Passing null to parameter 2 (PHP 8.1) commit 4ebeafd


  • Setup Wizard no longer blocks access to the WordPress dashboard. commit 00a158e
  • Moved validation earlier to check if we are on a CoCart page before displaying admin notices.
  • Updated from product name to business name in Setup Wizard page. commit eede727
  • Removed link to deprecated project. commit ab973ca
  • Improved the explanation of “Multiple Domain” option in Setup Wizard. commit e54e31b
  • Rewrote the admin menu system for a much better page management. commit 543642e
  • Simplified the admin notices when the database requires updating and has updated with a dismissible action. commit 8d995e0
  • When database has updated, the notice is unset. This prevents the admin notice from showing again even without dismissing the admin notice first on next page load. commit c90e320
  • There will be no sessions retrieved while WordPress setup is due. commit fce7910


Requirements and Compatibility

  • Bumped PHP requirement to v7.4
  • Tested with WordPress v6.4
  • Tested with WooCommerce v8.4

Actions and Filters

No action or filter changes made.

Database Changes

No database changes made.