Salt Key

One of the remarkable capabilities of CoCart is the ability to define the price of a product as it is being added to the cart. In order to enhance the security against potential price tampering from external sources, a salt key can be designated through the newly added settings page or by specifying a new […]


WordPress: Access Denied

In the settings page under GENERAL, a checkbox option to disable access to WordPress is available. Simply enabling this will prevent anyone who is not administrator trying to access your WordPress site. What the user will get is a message in JSON “You don’t have permission to access the site.” with a 403 status. By […]


Settings for CoCart

Even though CoCart is a REST API. Some settings are needed to help secure some features and set default options. The settings are broken into sections to help guide you find the settings you wish to change. By default, the following settings will always be part of the core of CoCart: Other settings maybe introduced […]


Method 1: Auto Method 2: FTP

Load Cart from Session

This is a feature that is not part of the REST API. It’s purpose is to load a cart that is currently in session so guest customers can continue to shop or checkout via the native store. You can choose to override the cart (if anything is set) or merge the cart items together. If […]

Plugin Suggestions

Plugin Suggestions help you to discover other plugins that may provide features you are looking for from extending or supporting CoCart by adding suggestions to the WordPress plugin search results page. These suggestions range from addons developed by CoCart or extensions developed by WooCommerce or Third Party developers that offer many useful features that some […]