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Load Cart from Session

This is a feature that is not part of the REST API. It’s purpose is to load a cart that is currently in session so guest customers can continue to shop or checkout via the native store. You can choose to override the cart (if anything is set) or merge the cart items together. If […]

Plugin Suggestions

Plugin Suggestions help you to discover other plugins that may provide features you are looking for from extending or supporting CoCart by adding suggestions to the WordPress plugin search results page. These suggestions range from addons developed by CoCart or extensions developed by WooCommerce or Third Party developers that offer many useful features that some […]

How to Update CoCart

Updates to CoCart, WooCommerce, WordPress and any other plugin are a fact of life. I work hard to make sure that each release provides an improvement, new features, fixes issues, compatibility, even tighten security to make CoCart do what it needs to do for your headless store. So how do you update CoCart and without […]

How to create a cart

Updated Last: 30th March, 2022 A normal LAMP stack WordPress site, WooCommerce uses PHP sessions in the browser to keep shopping carts in sync and stores the session and cart data in cookies for each visitor to the site. However, when using a modern framework like React, there are no use of cookie management unless an […]

Add PHP Code Without Editing Files

The best way to apply changes to your store is to add them in parts/snippets without touching any files in a plugin or the theme your using. This quick guide explains how to use a functionality plugin instead. Editing other PHP file carries the risk of breaking the rest of the code in the file […]