How to Update CoCart

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Updates to CoCart, WooCommerce, WordPress and any other plugin are a fact of life. Each release provides an improvement, new features, issues fixed, compatibility, even tighten security to make CoCart do what it needs to do for your headless store.

So how do you update CoCart and without causing an issue?

One click update

The CoCart plugin can be updated via the ‘Plugins’ page found in your WordPress website admin area. Updates will appear when available and can be applied by simply clicking on the ‘update now’ button.

Manual Update

You may also apply plugin updates manually by copying and pasting the plugin files into your ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder. You can download the CoCart plugin files from the WordPress repository page and the CoCart Plus plugin files from your account online.

There is no loss or change to data whilst modifying the plugin’s files making it safe to delete and re-upload the plugin folder.


While running a headless website is not the same as a regular WordPress website, it is still important to backup the infrastructure that allows you to run it.

Automatic backups

The most efficient and reliable approach is to use an automated site backup service. There are many available that provide such a service including Jetpack. Besides not having to do anything manually, you benefit from:

  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Automated, regular backups of your entire site including your database, all content, plugins & themes, settings, and more.
  • Instant restores so you can revert to a previous version with one click.
  • Direct access to 24/7 expert support.

Manual backups

To do things manually, there are two parts to backing up your store:

  1. Backup your database! There are multiple ways to do this, see the Codex for your options to back up your content. Both manual and plugin options exist.
  2. Using SFTP head to your wp-content folder to backup your theme and plugin files.

Testing Updates

When testing updates it’s best to create a second WordPress install on your host with a restored backup of your live site to it. This will allow you to safely run test updates.

If all goes well during the staging tests, then you are ready to update your live site.

CoCart data update notice

Some updates may trigger a prompt to upgrade the Database. The logic to check if a Database upgrade is required will run in the admin area after a new version number is detected, therefore, it is fully compatible with both the update methods listed above.

  • Update CoCart Database starts the process of updating your database to match the plugin version you installed or updated to. The database organizes, contains, and stores your customers cart in session. It is an essential process.
  • Learn more about updates will take you to this page to explain best practices pertaining to updating CoCart.

Ensure you have a backup in place and click the “Update CoCart Database” button. The update process will start:

  • View progress will take you to the Scheduled Actions section and show the Pending actions for the update.

Once it is completed, the next time you view an admin page you will see the dismissable update complete banner:


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