Settings for CoCart

Even though CoCart is a REST API. Some settings are needed to help secure some features and set default options. The settings are broken into sections to help guide you find the settings you wish to change.

By default, the following settings will always be part of the core of CoCart:

  • Front-end site URL – Set this up to help rewrite product permalinks and redirect users if you disabled access to WordPress.
  • Disable WordPress Access – Simply enable this and access to your WordPress setup will be denied by anyone who is not administrator.
  • Salt Key – This secures specific features from outside tampering. If a salt key has already been set in your wp-config.php then that will take priority and disable the field.
  • Default configurations for Products API.
    • Catalog visibility
    • Order By
    • Order
    • Variations as single products

Other settings maybe introduced by CoCart Pro an official add-on or third party.

Where are the settings?

CoCart settings can be found under CoCart → Settings in the admin menu after Settings.

If you are unable to see CoCart in the admin menu then you may have WooCommerce Navigation enabled. There you will find the settings page under WooCommerce → Extensions → CoCart → Settings

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