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  • CoCart Plus v1.4 Released: Rate Limiting Now Supported
    CoCart Plus 1.4.0 has been released! This post will highlight what’s included in this version of CoCart Plus. Please note: It is important that you activate your license to receive auto-updates. About: Hi, folks! This release fixes a bug reported to a correction made in the core of CoCart in v4.0… Read more: CoCart Plus v1.4 Released: Rate Limiting Now Supported
  • CoCart 4.0 Released: Now with cart batch support, and more
    CoCart 4.0.0 has been released with notable improvements and is available for download from It introduces batch support for cart endpoints as its main new feature, tested up to WordPress 6.5 and WooCommerce 8.8. Despite no database changes, this version has fixed text localization issues and enhanced the entire codebase to align with WordPress Code Standards. Additional advancements include API schema completion and error handling improvements for better network safety. Premium features and further batch processing enhancements are still under development.
  • CoCart Plus v1.3 Released: Security Patch, Local Activation Fix and Subscription Data for API v2
    CoCart Plus 1.3.0 is out, fully backward compatible and tested with the latest WordPress, WooCommerce, and PHP versions. It introduces REST API subscription details in Cart API v2, enhances license activation notifications, and improves clarity on activation messages. Security adjustments and various tweaks were made, including URL updates and translation aids. A bug fix addresses the activation status issue on local and staging sites.
  • Progress on CoCart’s development and product decisions.
    CoCart v4’s ongoing development involves a shift towards a premium model for certain new features, essential for the product’s sustainability and enhancing its freemium business strategy. While key upgrades will still enhance the core free version, substantial features will migrate to the premium side, accelerating development. The full version of CoCart v4, a significant overhaul, aims to first benefit paying customers. Additionally, imminent core updates will integrate major improvements from v4, with further enhancements scheduled for release later this year.
  • Introducing CoCart Plus Support, Powerful Products API Enhancements and Performance Boost Updates!
    This changelog outlines updates to CoCart up to version 3.11, including minor patches mainly for compatibility and performance enhancements since January 15, 2024. It adds CoCart Plus support and enhances the Products API with features such as querying product variations by attribute slugs and making product meta data filterable. New developers’ filters are introduced to secure meta data and control the exposed product information. Several bugs have been fixed, including PHP deprecations and fatal errors with certain plugin interactions. The updates also optimize memory use and improve API performance. CoCart remains compatible with recent PHP and WooCommerce versions, with no changes made to actions, filters, or the database.
  • CoCart Plus v1.2.0 Released
    The latest update introduces new features like a force check for WordPress plugin updates, license expiration warnings on plugin and updates pages, and a site lock key to handle site migrations requiring reactivation. License activation has been improved, no longer dependent on domain protocols, and bug fixes address critical errors and plugin information issues. Additionally, a filter was renamed for better specificity, and the storage method for license key details was modified. A site lock key is utilized to verify plugin activation sites.
  • CoCart Plus v1.1.0 Released
    CoCart Pro is renamed to CoCart Plus reflecting a restructured pricing model. Users must manually download the update for automated future updates via WordPress. This is the first CoCart Plus update released this year and requires CoCart v3.10 and higher.

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