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  • CoCart Plus v1.2.0 Released
    The latest update introduces new features like a force check for WordPress plugin updates, license expiration warnings on plugin and updates pages, and a site lock key to handle site migrations requiring reactivation. License activation has been improved, no longer dependent on domain protocols, and bug fixes address critical errors and plugin information issues. Additionally, a filter was renamed for better specificity, and the storage method for license key details was modified. A site lock key is utilized to verify plugin activation sites.
  • CoCart Plus v1.1.0 Released
    CoCart Pro is renamed to CoCart Plus reflecting a restructured pricing model. Users must manually download the update for automated future updates via WordPress. This is the first CoCart Plus update released this year and requires CoCart v3.10 and higher.
  • CoCart v3.10 Released
    CoCart v3.10 is a quality of life update and prep for CoCart v4. It includes new admin support and help pages, improved setup wizard, bug fixes, and PHP 8.1 compatibility. The release hides CoCart namespaces and routes from the WordPress REST API Index for better security. PHP requirement is now v7.4, and compatibility with WordPress v6.4 and WooCommerce v8.4 has been tested.
  • CoCart v4 Beta 3 Release Notes
    CoCart v4 Beta 3 is ready for download and testing. In this release we fixed a hiccup in the last beta and improved fields requested should the default response already be set.
  • CoCart v4 Beta 2 Release Notes
    CoCart v4 Beta 2 is ready for download and testing. In this release we improved further the ability to return only specific fields this time for items.
  • WooCommerce “HPOS” High-Performance Order Storage Compatibility
    CoCart v3.9.0 and all it’s published add-ons have had the WooCommerce plugin headers removed to prevent the incompatibility warning message when the store is using the “HPOS” feature. The headers were originally used to help detect if CoCart was tested with the latest release of WooCommerce but has since stopped working.… Read more: WooCommerce “HPOS” High-Performance Order Storage Compatibility
  • CoCart v4 Beta 1 Release Notes
    CoCart v4 Beta 1 is ready for download and testing. This is the first release of the 4.0 cycle. CoCart 4.0 demonstrates incredible progress towards achieving the goals outlined in the Roadmap to v4. It has been an extensive journey, through more than a year of code restructuring, CoCart has evolved into the product we had envisioned, enabling WooCommerce stores to truly embrace a headless approach.

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