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  • CoCart JWT Authentication v1.0.0 Release Notes
    Excited to share a new feature plugin to provide support for our own JWT Authentication with CoCart.
  • CoCart v3.8 Release Notes
    Highlights Just a few adjustments have been applied to help support developers with creating their own authentication and a new free feature plugin that will be announced soon. You can download the latest release of CoCart here or visit Dashboard → Updates to update the plugin from your WordPress admin screen. As usual, […]
  • RCF: Currency and Language Support
    I’m looking to gather some feedback on a solution for CoCart for those who are wanting to create a multi language and currency headless store.
  • CoCart Lite v3.7 Release Notes
    A few minor versions of CoCart have been released. Here is v3.7 release notes. A bit late because I have been busy working on v4.0 but more news on that soon.
  • Roadmap to 4.0
    Plans to making CoCart easier to extend and customize while working towards supporting other features.
  • CoCart Lite v3.5, 3.6 Release Notes
    A new minor version of CoCart has been released that adds more support to prevent CoCart from being cached.
  • CoCart Lite v3.4 Release Notes
    A new minor version of CoCart has been released! Version 3.4.0 is now available for download that helps increase the performance for the Products API.

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