Progress on CoCart’s development and product decisions.

Development on CoCart v4 is still on going, but a hard decision had to be made for the future of CoCart. Some new features that were coming out for free are now a premium feature (Cart Batch Support and RateLimiter), not only to help balance out the freemium business model but to support the product’s sustainability.

While some of the new features developed for v4 will still be added to the core of CoCart, we are working hard on making what core features we have now to be better and compatible, to deliver a great starting point for decoupling a WooCommerce store.

Further feature development with CoCart will now be on the premium side were support for features you request will allow the development of CoCart to develop faster and sustain your interests. This is important as these requested features and required support cannot be provided for free.

CoCart v4 has been a major rewrite to say the least and it will now be targeted to be available with our paying customers first once completed sometime this year and allow our premium versions of CoCart to be a singular WordPress plugin and not as an add-on plugin, making it easier for our users to maintain updates.

While this maybe disappointing news to some it will be a major disappointment if CoCart could not continue in the long run.

We have a core update coming out shortly that will be bringing some of the improvements made in v4 including support for standard batch requests so that you don’t have to wait on those any further.

Another update coming out soon for CoCart Plus will also include some of the new features made in v4. The rest of the improvements listed on our roadmap for v4 will continue in development.

If you have any questions you like to ask or feedback to give, feel free to comment below.

Thank you for your understanding.


Sébastien Dumont.
Founder of CoCart Headless, LLC

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  1. Sébastien Avatar

    Update: Due to recent development, the major changes made and new features added in the original v4 development build will now be v5 development build.

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