Retrieving Products should NOT be Hard

When building a headless store, quick and easy access to displaying information (such as products) is an important ability to have.

WooCommerce’s REST API is designed for creation, modifications and deletion. While it does let you retrieve products it’s blocked via an authentication requirement. ?

For products, this should NOT be a requirement. In preparation for the next CoCart release, I am introducing a READ-ONLY products endpoint. Allowing you to get the products without authentication.

The returned data is similar to WooCommerce’s REST API, the only difference is that certain parts are not included when returning the data which are designed for shop managers only.

Before it’s released to all users I am looking for testers to try it, provide your feedback on what may need tweaking or what you would like added or supported for products.

If you wondering how to use the new endpoint, I have that covered in a new section of the documentation called Work in Progress.

So how do I test this out?

Simple, just download the beta release below and install it on a none production site to try it out and follow the documentation under Work in Progress.


This beta release does not include the cart session that I am working on. It’s currently being held until I can get some feedback. If you want to try that out, please see this post for information.

Look forward to your feedback.