Can’t get enough of CoCart. Here is what’s planned. Have an idea for the next best feature? We want to hear it.


Custom Price

Allows developers to set a custom price for an item. Handy if creating a special offer or for accepting user-set donations.

Customers Email

Ask your customers email address as they add an item to cart. Helpful if you have cart abandonment setup.

Caching Disabled

The cart has to stay fresh especially for stores that handle limited stock. Cart is always updated.

Setup Wizard

Help identify if the store is new and prepare the environment for a headless setup.

Plugin Suggestions

Inject suggestions for other plugins that support or are supported by CoCart when users search for a plugin. Plus just browse under it’s own section.

More filters and hooks

Open more possibilities for CoCart, for developers, for merchants.

Basic Authentication Supported

Built in authentication support with optional email address used as username.

Better Cart Flow

Improve the cart flow so developers can get the cart response all calculated and together.


Postman Collection

One of the best tools for testing any REST API.

Caching Products

Unless the product is managing stock, or changing prices, the product remains the same. Allow cache plugins to cache all product routes and update the cache when a product is updated.

Log user ID and cart key separately.

Don’t handle user ID as cart key. Will open flexability for possible “POS” Point of Sale.

Code Reference

Want to know what’s going on inside CoCart? The Code Reference will provide a catalog of information about the CoCart functions, classes, methods and hooks you can use for supporting your plugins or expanding CoCart to your needs.


Request Password Reset

Shocked this is not part of the core of WordPress for REST API. Being able to allow customers to request a password reset is important.

Convert Carts to Orders

Get ready to checkout.

Customer Subscriptions

Allow customers to view all their subscriptions and manage them.

Customer Orders

Allow customers to view all their orders made.