What’s on the horizon for CoCart

Working on

A quick look at what the CoCart is actively working on right now.

Cache Products API

Unless the product is managing stock, or changing prices, the product remains the same. Allow cache plugins to cache all product routes and update the cache when a product is updated.

Logs user ID and cart key separately

No longer handle user ID as cart key for registered customers. Opens flexibility for possible “POS” Point of Sale.

Batch Support

Handle multiple cart requests at once and return a single cart response.

RateLimiter for the API

Provide more control on who/what has access to the API to prevent abuse on endpoints from excessive calls and performance degradation.

Basic Authentication Enhanced

Customers can now be authenticated with their billing phone number as the username with their password.

Code Reference

Want to know what’s going on inside CoCart? The Code Reference will provide a catalog of information about the CoCart functions, classes, methods and hooks you can use for supporting your plugins or expanding CoCart to your needs.

Postman Collection

One of the best tools for testing any REST API.


What is planned for the future.

View Carts in Session

View all the carts in session via the WordPress admin.

Request Password Reset

Allow customers to request a password reset.

Convert Carts to Orders

Get ready to checkout.

Customer Subscriptions

Allow customers to view all their subscriptions and manage them.

Customer Orders

Allow customers to view all their orders made.

If you have an idea for the next best feature, we want to hear it.

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