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  • CoCart 4.2: Pre-release Updates

    The most important update since v2.0. Overall performance and experience using the REST-API has been optimized for backwards compatibility with the session handler. No longer use cookies as backup for headless and more.

  • CoCart v4 Beta 3 Release Notes

    CoCart v4 Beta 3 is ready for download and testing. In this release we fixed a hiccup in the last beta and improved fields requested should the default response already be set.

  • CoCart v4 Beta 2 Release Notes

    CoCart v4 Beta 2 is ready for download and testing. In this release we improved further the ability to return only specific fields this time for items.

  • CoCart v4 Beta 1 Release Notes

    CoCart v4 Beta 1 is ready for download and testing. This is the first release of the 4.0 cycle. CoCart 4.0 demonstrates incredible progress towards achieving the goals outlined in the Roadmap to v4. It has been an extensive journey, through more than a year of code restructuring, CoCart has evolved into the product we…

  • CoCart Beta Tester v2.0.0 Release Notes

    Introducing a new and improved beta tester that gives you as a developer more control on what build types you can update to and the ability to switch between versions of CoCart Lite.

  • CoCart Lite v3.1.0 Beta 2

    I’m excited to announce that CoCart v3.1 Beta 2 is now available for testing! You can either download it directly from GitHub or install the CoCart Beta Tester plugin. What’s changed since beta 1? NEW: Should table creation fail during install, ask user if they have privileges to do so. Improved: Prevent any further admin…