Tag: In Development

  • CoCart 4.2: Pre-release Updates

    The most important update since v2.0. Overall performance and experience using the REST-API has been optimized for backwards compatibility with the session handler. No longer use cookies as backup for headless and more.

  • Progress on CoCart’s development and product decisions.

    CoCart v4’s ongoing development involves a shift towards a premium model for certain new features, essential for the product’s sustainability and enhancing its freemium business strategy. While key upgrades will still enhance the core free version, substantial features will migrate to the premium side, accelerating development. The full version of CoCart v4, a significant overhaul,…

  • Roadmap to 4.0

    Roadmap to 4.0

    Plans to making CoCart easier to extend and customize while working towards supporting other features.

  • New Add-on in Development: Carts in Session

    One of the many things users have requested, (that WooCommerce don’t provide by default) is the ability to view the carts in session. Today I am happy to share a MVP of an add-on I’m developing that will allow you to do just that. It is currently only available on GitHub. As it is in…